The Therapist Behind the Massage

Hello! I'm Alexandria Kiema LMP-LA, the therapist behind the name Kiema Massage. I graduated from Cortiva Institute of Seattle in early 2012 and have been steadily growing my personal business and gaining knowledge and experience through working at the Massage Bar in SeaTac airport and at Elements Therapeutic Massage in Issaquah. I am currently focusing all my attention on the Kiema Massage business and I'm loving it! I provide massage for both humans and horses 6 days a week both in studio and in-house (yes, I will come to you)  and I love what I do!

I got into massage because I craved a way to help heal and soothe people in a holistic manner. I feel very strongly that the body has everything it needs to function properly (ie. in a healthy way) without the chemicals, drugs and surgeries that so many are being pushed and persuaded into these days. The effects of massage treatments towards injuries and illnesses are astounding! Everyday new research comes in that is proving again and again how simple touch and massage can reverse injuries that are decades old, can restore function where it was thought lost and increase optimism and hope in people who had thought it gone forever. I am glad to be a part of this amazing line of work and I want to share my passion and joy with the world!

The Kiema Signature massages combine the Hawaiian modality Lomi Lomi with Swedish, Myofascial, Sports and Deep Tissue massage to create a customized, unique massage for each client. No two massages are the same just as no two people are the same.

 The aim of every massage is to address and relieve problem areas and bring about complete relaxation and a feeling of euphoria to each client by the time the massage is over.

Come try out Kiema Massage today, there are often specials running which can be seen on the online scheduler (see the link below) or in the deals section on this website. See you at your next appointment!