Policies of Kiema Massage


Give 24 Hours Notice if Needing to Cancel or Reschedule a Session: If for any reason the massage needs to be postponed or cancelled please give at least 24 hours notice. If you "no-show" or cancel the day of your massage session you will still be responsible for paying a $50 cancellation fee. 


Do Not Be Late: Make sure that you have scheduled adequate time before and after your massage to prepare and relax. Stressing and rushing before or after a massage is not helping you to achieve the best results. If clients are late arriving for massage their table time will not be extended, but full payment will still be required.


Speak Up Both Before and During Your Massage: Before the session begins ask any questions you may have. If you have any concerns discuss them with your therapist. Be clear about your goals for the session and what you expect.


Do Not Make Inappropriate Remarks or Ask About "Extras" During Your Massage: Though the massage is sensual, it is not meant to be sexual in any way. Please do not schedule a massage if there is any intent behind it other than receiving a purely professional massage. If inappropriate remarks are made during the session, your massage may be terminated early and you will still be responsible for full payment of the session.


 As always, a great therapist gives the best massage with feedback from the clients. Never hesitate to let me know if something is uncomfortable, if there's too much pressure or not enough, or if more attention is needed in certain areas. I do my best, but I haven't quite mastered mind reading. Almost there though. :)


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