Prices and Services

Kiema Signature Massage

A relaxation-specific general blend of Swedish, Myofascial, Lomi Lomi, and Deep Tissue modalities covering the full body with a focus in specific areas. This massage is great for anybody and everybody seeking relaxation and stress relief.

45 minutes ---- $60           60 minutes ---- $75           90 minutes ---- $100


Chair Massage On-site or In-Studio

Only got a short period of time? Get a chair massage! Fully clothed and focused on the back, neck, shoulders, low back, arms and hands this massage is great for working out the kinks during the workday or if you are new to massage it is a great way to ease into it. Offered in short increments of time so it's effective yet inexpensive.

15 minutes ---- $20      30 minutes ---- $35      45 minutes ---- $50      60 minutes ---- $65

Side-Lying Massage

Relaxation or treatment-specific massage in the side-lying position. Excellent option for expecting mothers, people who experience sinus issues when face down on the table, low back pain, or any other issue when laying on their stomach for extended periods of time.

45 minutes ---- $60           60 minutes ---- $75           90 minutes ---- $100


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Helps to move lymph fluid more efficiently and effectively through the body, reduces swelling and inflammation, and promotes a healthy immune system. Especially helpful for people with lymphedema, expecting mothers, travelers and people recovering from injuries.

Can be combined with other services.


30 minutes ---- $50           45 minutes ---- $70           60 minutes ---- $90


Reflexology Foot Massage and Scrub

Homemade almond oil based salt or sugar scrubs exfoliate the feet and legs making the skin glow with health and feel incredibly smooth and silky. Reflexology points are accessed to relieve pain and discomfort in the feet and in coordinating points on the body. During the Foot Massage attention is given ONLY to the feet and legs up to the calf. Can be combined with other services (recommended to combine with the Kiema Signature Massage)

15 minutes ---- $20           30 minutes ---- $40           60 minutes ---- $80


Kiema Signature Equine Massage

Equine Massage Intro Session       -            $70   *Owner's presence is mandatory*

Returning Equine Massage             -           $50/hr  *Owner's presence is optional*

Horse and Rider Package               -            $95

 *Package includes 30min. Chair or Fully Clothed Sports Massage for the rider and a 60 minute Equine Massage for the horse.*


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Accepted forms of payment include Cash, Checks, and Credit Card

No-shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a fee $50