Preparing for your In-Home Massage

Preparing for your in-home massage is simple.

  1.  Make sure you have set aside a space in your home, your office, or wherever it is you are planning to recieve your massage, that is completely clear of any furniture, tripping hazards or items that you do not want to be moved, touched or rearranged in a space about 8ft X 8ft.
  2.  Try to mentally relax prior to the therapist arriving. For some this may include a hot bath or shower, listening to soothing music, making sure the house is clean, the kids are at school or with other caretakers, and pets are cared for and/or kept in a separate room where they will not bother you during your time to focus only on yourself.
  3.  Turn cell phones on silent and silence house phones.
  4.  Drink something warm and calming, but use the restroom before your massage starts.
  5.  If there's certain music you like to listen to during a massage have it ready to go either as a CD or on an iPod/MP3 player. If providing your own music make sure there is enough music there to last the duration of your massage (60+mins)
  6.  Turn up the heat (or AC if its hot) to ensure you will be warm enough during your massage. Sheets and a blanket will always be available but some clients chill or overheat more easily than others.
  7.  Make sure to tell your therapist what you expect out of the massage and if there are any areas that need extra consideration or avoidance.